Didim, which is one of the regions that have been in front of the ancient times and have not lost its value, is also famous for its natural beauty.

Apollo Temple: One of the most important works of the municipality is the apollon temple from ancient times to survived to this day. This temple in didim located in a sacred place, didyma is a prophecy center and highly charming.

Milet: Another ancient city in didim is Milet. It was established in 2,000 BC and then it is one of the most important port cities of the ion union. You can see good places like Faustina Bath, Ceremony avenue, Athena Temple Stadium and Zeus Olympios Temeno.
Also findings and works obtained as a result of the excavation work in milet antique city are exhibited at milet museum. By visiting here, you may find the large scope of history.
Another antique city is nearly close to municipality is Priene. The history of demeter, Athena, Zeus, Egypt, house of Alexander the great and Byzhantine Church make this place very important. Its history goes back to the 7th century.

Didim, a region living on the shores of the azure Aegean Sea, is also one of the places worth seeing with its Blue Flag beaches. Altınkum and Akbük beaches, where the most intense shades of yellow are found, invite you to enjoy the sea and the sun. In Didim, where there are many bay, natural beauties welcome you with all their generosity. Bafa Lake is also the habitat of many bird species with its impressive landscapes, its face covered with olive and pine trees. In Didim, where fishing is at the forefront, do not return without bringing the delicious flavors of the Aegean to your table.
One of the centers where you can find the freshest varieties of olive oil and seafood is here. With its mild climate, you can find water sports in winter, especially diving and nature sports.